Virar rain update – latest report of the way Virar looks during monsoon is like Venice. It, however, looks less pretty, less romantic, less everything. Venice is a beautiful place and is a romantic getaway in my wish list. For now, I’ve been given the opportunity to look at life from a different lens. Appreciate what you have and where you live. Not Venice but Virar it is!

When I used to tell my colleagues that I’m off to Virar, they used to roll their eyes and call it a village. I personally don’t think so. Judging by the current circumstances, they’re not right, they’re less than semi-right.

Virar, so far!

It’s far from many places I know because I’ve never traveled this far. But it’s a serene getaway, a place where you can sit in front of a wall all day and do nothing at all! Who would do that? I would, with a book or a laptop or a TV as I am right now.

This city is part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and is also a part of Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation in Palghar district of Maharashtra State in the Konkan division. With its breathtaking mountaintop popularly known as the Jivdani Virar Mandir, visitors have a memory and a granted prayer to take back home.

Here's a pic of the same
Virar Rain Update

Virar Rain Update – When it rains

Buildings are clubbed together and are separated by lanes of trees and cement on both sides. You’d know how low-leveled these areas are when the clouds decide to take a piss. That’s how fast these lanes would fill up. And so they did. Ripples crawled across the surface while people walked through the floods. I sat by my window, helplessly thinking what I could do for the poor souls out there. Their houses and household items, left at the mercy of a Municipal Corporation that wouldn’t give a rat’s bottom. They say we shouldn’t play the blame game but they should be reminded that it isn’t a game when people’s lives are at stake here.

Accuweather is a genuine site. It will give the right Virar rain update that you will need if you plan to travel there.

Coming back to why we need long canoes at Virar or for that matter, Maharashtra as a whole. We need to turn Maharashtra into Venice. The longer we wait, the worse it will get. With drainage systems not in place, we’ve got a romantic adventure in our hands. Our only weapon is the fact that we fend for ourselves because clearly, BMC does not intend to do anything.

I imagined vegetable vendors sitting in boats. Fisherwomen putting up a bedspread of freshly collected fish. Not to mention, the newly found water snakes added to our staple diet menu. The city of Virar has so much to offer, doesn’t it?

Virar Rain Update #2 – From my window

I had to click a few photos from my window which is sealed netted. My photos might appear to be blocked by the green asbestos but I managed to click the Venice representation of Virar. Have a look.

Virar Rain Update
A glimpse from my window

It is clearly no joke to sit at home for four days and do nothing. I am glad I had fiction to read, angry birds and a paper to write. Television was an added bonus. I did, however, figure out what one can do at home when you can’t go out during the rains. Check it out – Mumbai rains work in mysterious ways.

A human cannot at times do nothing. It is the worst time spent. I would still recommend that at times to gain peace of mind, do nothing. Give your racing mind a break. There’s nothing more therapeutic than to listen to the drops of rain.

Virar Rain Update #3 – No lights, no water, only raining in Virar

There are many who like to keep quiet and live through atrocities. I am not judging them. One really can’t blame them. As an Indian citizen, you really just get tired of telling the authorities anything anymore. They don’t really care about a Virar rain update. Yet, we must vote to elect another same old, same old.

Virar Rain Update #4 – No internet connection

Even if we do enjoy the internet range, the connection is bad and the speed is bullock cart. I am guessing it is the walls of my house. My neighbors seem to be getting good speed. I hope they are aware of the kind of speed I’m talking about. Video calling is off limits. Lack of Netflix has led me into looking out the window and watching movies on the television.


I hope the state of the Virar rain update improves over time. It may not be Venice but we are surely going to be Venice 5.0 if we don’t make drastic changes soon. This is a beautiful place with nothing but serenity to offer and simple living to be gifted to all who enter. But somehow the authorities who hold the power to do good are turning a blind eye towards their duty. Sadly, the public has to fend for themselves. When has it ever been the case of the locals living under the shelter of the Government? Never?

I sit in quiet contemplation at times, wondering why I shifted to Virar. This place is yet to touch logic. It has already reached civilization. It needs to get a grip on littering and basic manners. People here have a lot to learn. I am sure they can, they just need to keep an open mind towards etiquettes.


Any comments?

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