Travel checklist for toddlers

Without further ado, here’s the travel checklist for toddlers you will need when travelling with your 2-to-3-year-old. The best way to remember a checklist, if not in order, is by pairing up the checks in the list.

Travel checklist for toddlers

  1. Diaper bag & Diapers
  2. Wipes (dry and wet) & antiseptic healing cream
  3. Blankets & baby clothing
  4. Plastic disposable bags & disinfecting hand gel
  5. Toddler toiletries & breastfeeding clothes
  6. Toys & books
  7. Sippy cup & baby bib
  8. First-aid kit & Car seat
  9. Collapsible stroller & baby mat changer
  10. Baby food & snacks

Travel checklist for toddlers

You could be making a list of travel accessories for your solo trip or travelling with your baby. Either way, there needs to be a checklist. Now, a checklist is a boring thing to do and recall at the same time. Remembering the checklist is a task but what if I made this easier for you?

Why make a travel checklist for toddlers?

When my sister visited India with her 2-year-old daughter from the UK, her flight journey to India was nothing short of chaos. No, I am not talking about the service but her little one was being a 2-year-old. So, this natural behaviour was difficult to endure.

A toddler won’t let you sit still until they fall off to sleep, which is not too often. A toddler will cry your ear off and will poke her finger into your eye when you are asleep. Well, this is what my niece does. What does your baby or any other toddler you know do? So, if the journey is going to be chaotic, why not make your travel checklist go easy on you?

You could also be travelling alone with your kid. Your partner may not be able to accompany you. A travel checklist for toddlers is a must-have. Every parent who wishes their kid to love them unconditionally should make a checklist.

You will thank yourself for making this checklist because your kid will learn this habit from you. Learning good habits makes them do things the right way when they grow up. This boosts their self-confidence for being well prepared for any project; be it at school or a summer camp. Good habits make an honest person efficient and that’s how you want to raise your kid.

Travel checklist for toddlers

When should you start packing?

It is easier when you’re travelling with friends because somehow you know what you want to take with you.

Start packing 10 days in advance or as early as you see fit in your house. This will eliminate the chances of last moment chaos. The chaos of packing is stressful. When a toddler is involved, you will need all the time you can get.

First things first, make a checklist. Check what you have and what you need to buy in order to complete the checklist. Also, there might be things that are not necessarily needed. For instance, you don’t need 20 baby bibs for a journey of 7 days. Make sense? So, try not to stuff your suitcase.


How to make a travel checklist when travelling with toddlers?

Start with a question that begins with ‘What if…?”

Ask yourself, what if my kid gets sick? What if my kid vomits all over the baby bib and on her or his clothes? What if my kid gets hungry, I don’t have a snack with me and there’s no shop around or the shops are closed for the day? The ‘what if’ question will help you make a toddler-proof travel checklist.

Once you answer the questions that pop up in your mind, you will be able to make a list. After you have made your list, you can check my blog and confirm whether you or I have missed out on anything. Your travel checklist for toddlers is done and complete. Time to move on to the next step!

Start packing!

Writing is an art! Use it wisely, like making a travel checklist for toddlers. Yes, this helps. Once you have the list in your hand, you can tick off the items you have placed in your bag. What you need in the bag and what you need in your handbag is a decision you need to make carefully. If you are travelling by flight, you need to decide what goes in check-in, what goes in the cabin and what stays with you.

Now, try not to go paranoid with the items you have on your list. Sometimes, you might just feel that you may need everything on the flight. So, you land up carrying a heavier bag than what goes in the check-in. Do not do that!

What goes with you and what goes in check-in?

Travel checklist for toddlers

To answer this question, we’ll take a step-by-step tour around each item on the travel checklist for toddlers.

  1. Diaper bag and diapers

Get a nice big bag or a backpack for putting whatever is on the travel checklist for toddlers. This becomes your diaper bag.

You need to obviously carry this with you on the flight and not give it into check-in. However, you don’t have to carry the 50 plus diapers in the diaper bag. You can put at least 4-5 diapers in the diaper bag, depending on the length of your flight. Try to gauge how many times your toddler will require a change.

I paired diapers with the diaper bag because it is easier to remember the combination. You can’t forget this duo. The two items are basic. You tend to forget the most unforgettable items on the list, simply because of the chaos around you.

  1. Wipes (dry and wet) & antiseptic healing cream

You would require one wet wipe packet in the diaper bag and an extra one in your suitcase. The dry wipe can be packed in the suitcase. Only one antiseptic cream product for your kid would be required.

You want to fly stress-free while you look out the window at the beautiful clouds. Lovely!

Travel checklist for toddlers

  1. Blankets & baby clothing

This depends on the number of days you are going on your trip. If you are going for more than 20 days, carry two blankets for your kids, so that you can use one while you wash the other.

Clothes for your toddler, well, now this again depends on the number of days of your travel. Pack an extra pair in your diaper bag. The rest can be packed away.

  1. Plastic disposable bags & disinfecting hand gel

You can get a pack of disposable bags for throwing away diapers. So, one packet will go in your bag. A disinfecting hand gel can go in your diaper bag too. You’ll probably just need one to carry along with you.

Disposable bags are very handy. They were useful when my niece was around. It prevented a lot of littering which i hate doing. I make sure I don’t litter and neither should anyone else.

  1. Toddler toiletries & breastfeeding clothes

You could put away toiletries in the suitcase because you won’t need them with you on the flight. You might want to carry a breastfeeding cloth like a scarf in case your baby needs a feed. Of course, you may carry a baby bottle if you prefer being discreet. Breastfeeding on a plane can also be an easy task. So mothers out there need not fear about breastfeeding while flying, it’s been done before.

  1. Toys & books

Travel checklist for toddlers

You would need one toy just to keep your kid distracted. They might need more than one but you know better than to flood the flight with baby toys. A colouring book is a great way to keep your kid busy unless they start throwing their crayons around. Phew, it’s difficult being a parent. Just the thought scares me and I am not even a parent.

  1. Sippy cup & baby bib

Stays with you in the flight; need I say more? Your kid could feel thirsty at any hour of the day. But giving them something to drink always stopped them from crying. Worked with my niece!

If it were up to me, I’d always keep a bib around my niece. She drops her food while eating and yes, they vomit too. What can I say! They have smaller bodies and can only take so much in them. Also, any long journey can take a toll on them cuties. You need to keep a bib handy because you might just get some vomit on you. People will stay away from you since you smell like vomit. If you don’t want people to be around you then this works.

  1. First-aid kit & Car seat

A first-aid kit should be part of your travel checklist for toddlers, be it solo or a trip with your family and baby. Accidents happen and you would want to prevent or avoid them at best. However, mishaps do happen, a first-aid kit would come in handy. A car seat can go into check-in, obviously…

  1. Collapsible stroller & a baby mat changer

Travel checklist for toddlers

This is an important point in the travel checklist for toddlers. Well, you know you can’t carry these with you on the flight. They go into the check-in. Both these are important to take with you. They are very handy, especially if you lose the stamina to carry your baby. This is because you have sleepless nights and this can take a toll on your energy levels. So, a stroller will help divide the load with you.

  1. Baby food & snacks

Carry a bit with you on the flight. Also, most of them are non-perishable so you could put the rest in your suitcase in the check-in. When we took my niece, she barely ate any snacks during the flight journey. She kept crying and then slept on the entire journey. We kept showing her how tasty the snack was by eating it ourselves. So, we landed up eating everything. The flight attendant kept rolling her eyes at us sympathetically! Seems like she had seen this before.

Apart from this easy list, another essential to carry with you is a mosquito repellent. This depends on where you’re going. Check the weather and habitat conditions before visiting. Google! This helps keep the crustaceans away, keeps illnesses and diseases away, and also if you have a specific phobia.


Benefits of a travel checklist for toddlers

Travel checklist for toddlers

You are less likely to get delayed on your way to the airport. Big stress-free reliever.

You get some free time on your hands and won’t be searching for things in an unplanned manner. Also, you know what you’ve got with you. You could watch a sci-fi or just a drama show that gets everyone yawning and out of the room.

You can travel stress-free with your baby around the town, explore more, meet new people or observe new habits. Also, you don’t have to entirely shift your focus on your baby. You will have time for yourself or with at least whatever little time you get.

When my sister and her daughter were in Mumbai, we used to take turns to tend to the little one. It was helpful because travelling in Mumbai is a whole different ball game, especially managing the traffic in Mumbai.

Travel checklist for toddlers

So, in conclusion about the travel checklist for toddlers…

Hope this travel checklist makes it easy for you to remember each point. I have put them in pairs so they are easy to recall. Well, now that you know what to carry and what not to on flights. Things should get easier from here.

As far as managing your kid is concerned, we’ll just have to make another checklist for that! 😉



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