• The perfect ingredients to dedication & success

The perfect ingredients to dedication & success

It’s okay if things don’t go your way. Sometimes, you’ve just got to learn to steer the ship when the storms are out to play naughty in your life and you’ll be successful in whatever you do ?
We learned this today in our hungry morning moment. Sunday breakfast!
When breakfast success ingredients were on our minds
So we planned to make our breakfast based on a video we watched on Facebook. We were determined to make this a success, no matter what way it went… We were going to prepare this and eat it.
The success ingredients!

  1. Two eggs whisked with salt and pepper
  2. Three Chopped Mushrooms
  3. One Chopped chilly
  4. Two cheese Slices
  5. One small slice of an onion and chopped into bits
  6. Two slices ham
  7. Two bread slices
  8. Salt… as much or less as we wanted!

The most important success ingredients!

  1. One Cup of enthusiasm
  2. Three Cups of fun
  3. Two Slices of laughter
  4. Chopped mental agony
  5. Handful of positivity
  6. Crushed pathetic memories
  7. Pinch of self-belief & faith (coz that’s all we need)

The bread that crumbled

Mixing up all the success ingredients together
We put these ingredients into a frying pan of hot ghee (lard). But by the order of onion, chilly, Mushrooms and ham, all together. We fried them and loved the fragrance.
What we missed with the success ingredients?
We didn’t miss much but we definitely broke the bread the wrong way. We had to remove the mid section of the slice bread by using a knife… like a pro. We surely didn’t do this!
The borders crumbled and so we only saved the mid section of the slice bread. This was no problem to us. We simply placed the mid section of the bread over the pan fried ingredients right after pouring the whisked eggs on top. Then came the cheese slices.

We covered the pan for the rest to cook into something we just wanted to keep clicking.

And that’s what we call surprised success! Things don’t always work as planned. It’s the way we make plans work even when they aren’t going our way.
Check out how we sliced this tempter on our insta page https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf5mabuFt54/
Eat! Eat! Eat! ???


  • comment-avatar
    never_stop_exploring March 4, 2018 (11:02 pm)

    Hehehe I’ll try it tomorrow… Hope you had lovely weekend… Best regards. ✌
    And don’t forget to enjoy…

    • comment-avatar
      Gangstars March 4, 2018 (11:03 pm)

      Yes absolutely, we had a swell time making it and oh it was yummmmyyy. We had a great weekend. Hope u did too ??

      • comment-avatar
        never_stop_exploring March 4, 2018 (11:07 pm)

        Yup most fun is in the process of making anything…
        My mentor says we should enjoy the process of success rather than success itself… No matter how painful it is…
        Yup great week and quite lazy weekend. Starting fresh again… ?

        • comment-avatar
          Gangstars March 4, 2018 (11:08 pm)

          Yeah coz if we don’t enjoy the journey then we won’t enjoy the success… We think so… ?