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Reading books is a delight for writers such as I. There can be no ultimate joy for those of us who believe in the power of words. The pen is a warrior that fights for the word of thought flowing onto paper. Reading books are just the epitome of gladness that no one can surpass. Let me take you through the brief journey of my love for reading books.

I am currently reading Shashi Tharoor’s The Era of Darkness. You might, therefore, find both my liking for books and the author himself coincide here.

Reading books like The Era of Darkness

Reading books
The British rule depicted in Shashi Tharoor’s book

The Era of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor was an ironic gift given to me by my friends on my birthday. I should point out that a few weeks before my birthday, I penned down a list of gifts I would want. Shamelessly, I told my friends what I wanted. I’d like to think that this would make it easier for them. Need I say, the man is a legend in my eyes. His wordplay takes me into a world of distinct gratification.

Have started reading the book above all books… No guesses required here. Love the way he writes – the man himself – Shashi Tharoor.
His take on the historical events of India during the British rule is an eye-opener.

When I started reading books

I started reading books on and off since I was a child. Unlike a bookworm, I was a fair-weather friend of books. I wrote stories and would make my friends read it. They would want to know what would happen next. As the years went by, the obvious thought that never struck me was my friends wanting to read the next part. My stories may have lacked the experience of writing but this epiphany was becoming a writing stemmed from this moment.

I certainly took time to let the realization stumble upon me but when it did, there’s was certainly no looking back.

How I became a fan of Shashi Tharoor

reading books
wordplay takes me to another world

Should I call myself a fan because, in comparison to other fans, I am fairly lazy!

I know Shashi Tharoor made his presence largely known in politics. Although, I am not a fan of keeping myself updated in that domain; I am certainly a fan of Jaby Koay. This is where I went further into getting to know about Shashi Tharoor’s book on The Era of Darkness. I watched Jaby Koay and Achara reviewing the video of Shashi Tharoor who spoke at the Oxford Union reparations debate.

I know Shashi Tharoor is a very eloquent speaker as Achara pointed out but I don’t why these realizations strike me so late. Told you, I’m lazy. Probably a lazy thinker too. Anyway, better late than never. I am a lazy reader too. I think it’s because I am majorly distracted by the number of to-do stuff on my list. Need to tend to my turtle pets, need to eat food, need to read, to need to write and the needs just keep coming. Have I gone off track again? I am not surprised.

I love the use of wordplay and that is what I found to be true with Shashi Tharoor. He does not play with words. It’s just the way he speaks but the way he speaks is what inspires me to get better. Get better at being a writer and reading books.

Why I wanted to read The Era of Darkness

I really don’t remember how I got to know that Shashi Tharoor wrote a book. All I remember is that after I came across The Era of Darkness, I fell upon the fact that he has written many more. Did I mention that I have a lazy memory too? Laziness is an evil that I must eradicate from my life but not today, I feel lazy.

Playing with words is an art I want to perfect. So, I decided to buy the book written by Shashi Tharoor. Of course, my laziness got the best of me. So, I made my friends buy it for me because luckily my birthday was on its way.

I am still reading the book. Not very good at being consistent which is again not a good habit for a blog writer not is it?

reading books
Let’s see now… how much do I have left?, courtesy: (not Shashi Tharoor’s book)

I could try to come to terms with the fact that my sense of reading is slightly altered. Nevertheless, I love reading books. The moment I walk into a bookshop, I am blown away by the array of soul-touching fiction. Different worlds all around me. It’s like meeting people who speak volumes and then stop when the book is complete. It’s beautiful and divine.

Reading books – back then and now

I have read other books too, the names of which or authors whom I don’t remember. Again, this is because of my lazy mind. Pardon my lack of memory. A cabinet at home holds these books read and those that will be read. I’ve read Bookless in Baghdad by Shashi Tharoor. What lies in the pipeline are books laying in that cabinet.

Keeping reading books. They are the one thing that TV cannot take away from you. They are the brain cell enhancements, our minds need today, especially mine. Keep reading and keep living their world as if it were yours for however brief the moment may be.

Do you have books you love reading again and again? Any particular book or author’s work you would recommend for me. Drop your suggestions in the comment section below. Until then, keep reading books.

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