Must Have Travel Accessories

Must have travel accessories should be your top priority list when you are going to travel. This is because you are about to embark on a journey that will stay with you forever. You are going to travel to your destination and you want it to be free of glitches or the woes of forgetting to carry an important item with you.

However, some don’t know what to carry along with them. Here’s where this list will help you travel worry-free.

You could be a pro at packing or one of those who are habituated to packing at the last moment. Whatever the case, you know that some items are absolute must-haves for any trip of more than 2 days. There were times when I had literally written down whatever I had to carry with me and it helped. The funny part is when I am going for a week, my suitcase looks like it’s been stuffed for the journey of a month. Yeah, this happens too but you can never be too sure, right? 😉

Must have travel accessories depend on the type of trip

Must Have Travel Accessories

Are you going on a semi-business trip or a full-on holiday trip? You could be gearing up for a semi-casual trip but you’ll need your laptop with you. So, you need to make sure you have all the essentials required for carrying a laptop. So, make a list of it on a piece of paper or save it in your mobile.

You could be going to a country that currently has a rainy weather. Have you carried what is required for covering up your important items? So, the weather is something you need to be aware of and also the nature of your trip. What’s your agenda for the trip?

You could be finally traveling on that much-awaited trip with your friends. So, what are the must have travel accessories you need to carry when traveling with friends. A camera, some snacks for the road, so on and so forth.

It isn’t a difficult process to jot down the relevant items that you need to carry. Nonetheless, you always land up forgetting something if you don’t plan well in advance. Planning is needed in order to avoid the stress that you might be packing along with you on the journey.

So, how do you make sure you’re carrying the right stuff? How do you make sure not to regret missing something once you’ve long gone left home for the trip? Here are 15 must have travel accessories – take note!

15 Must Have Travel Accessories

  1. Travel Adapter

Must Have Travel Accessories

If you don’t have this, go to the shop now and buy one. A travel adaptor is something you will require no matter where you go. Especially if your usual plug-ins do not fit in at other plug holes that have different socket formats. One should be enough, depending on your usage. If you are staying in a hotel then you can buy two because you have more than one socket to use. If you are staying at a relatives’ place then you probably will need just one because you don’t want to get into their space.


A multi-purpose adaptor will make your journey easier and will keep you stress-free when it comes to losing out on battery life. You could be traveling anywhere from the crowded streets of the Mumbai walkers or the stress-free beaches of Goa. Wherever you may be, a travel adapter will be your lifesaver.


  1. Power Bank

Must Have Travel Accessories

You can’t carry your travel adaptor to places that might not have charging facilities. You can’t go on about searching for such places when at your destination. Keeping a power bank handy is definitely the smart thing to do. Of course, once you have utilized your power bank battery, you will have to find a source to charge it. However, you could probably ask around when you need to charge, a shopkeeper or a kind person. A kind person might be hard to get, depending on where you are but you can always try. Don’t do it unless you are absolutely sure of your safety. Don’t sue me if you find an idiot who won’t help you or put you into further trouble. I am just making the suggestions here.

So, this is definitely one of the must have travel accessories you should pack with you.


  1. Luggage Scale

Must Have Travel Accessories

If you are traveling by flight then you might know why I am talking about a luggage scale. An e-luggage scale would also do. You need to measure the weight of the luggage you are carrying with you or you could be charged extra for an overweight baggage at the airport. Now, this is not a situation you want to be in. And trust me, spending additional cash at the airport will be a memory you will want to forget but this will also be a hard lesson well learnt.


It’s simple to use. This cool device mostly has a hook for hanging your luggage; you have to lift it for a few seconds and let the device measure the weight of your baggage. That’s how the mechanical one works. Obviously, if it’s below the weight limit, you are good to go.


  1. Inflatable Neck Pillow

Must Have Travel Accessories

Sleep can come at any time, especially when you’re traveling. Travelling can induce high doses of sleep famines upon you. You should be ready, set, and sleep to dream. An inflatable neck pillow should surely be in the list of your must have travel accessories.


You could be traveling by bus or are seated in a plane but you need just the right pillow that can support your neck while you sleep. An inflatable neck pillow is the one for you. Also, if the hotel does not provide a pillow suited to your neck, then this inflatable masterpiece will surely do the trick. If you are not comfortable even with an inflatable neck pillow, let me know in the comment section and I will help figure something out that can be of better use to you.


  1. Safety Lock

Must Have Travel Accessories

Now, isn’t this obvious, unless you lead the thug life where no one can mess with you? Who are you going to find when something gets robbed? It’s difficult to get back something once it’s lost and even if you do, you can only get lucky once. A safety lock, as many as you can carry, the better. One for each of your bag and some extras in case you lose a safety lock or you’re buying another bag that needs safeguarding.


This is because sometimes, no matter how trustworthy your surroundings may be, you can never be too sure. That’s just the kind of world we live in. Hey, sometimes life is good, sometimes it’s cruel. Better be ready for the cruel and allow yourself to be surprised by the pleasant things in life.


  1. First Aid Kit

Must Have Travel Accessories

Because sometimes, you might also help another in need of medical attention! Be that friend in need. You could be going on a trek or climbing a hill. Scratches and bruises might become part of the journey. You have to have something that can rest assure your minor safeties. So, one of the must have travel accessories should definitely be a first aid kit.


It’s important to buy one. Most of you should be aware of what a basic first aid kit should contain. Right from plasters, bandages safety pins, and antiseptic creams, you should even know how to use this stuff. The perfect knowledge of all of this can prove to be a lifesaver and make you a hero. You could have a bad fall while traveling some of the most beautiful landscapes of India or maybe just hurt yourself unexpectedly; a first aid kit will surely prove to save you to some extent.


  1. Swiss knife

Must Have Travel Accessories

Now, you know why you need to save a life or your own for that matter. You need to also know how to defend yourself. You need to learn self-defense. So no! I am not talking about the Swiss knife being your weapon. A Swiss knife is required when you need to cut a rope or cut open a stubborn packet. Yeah, this knife is required on treks. It’s a utility item that will only make your life easier when you use it for basic stuff and not for hurting anyone.


Don’t try to be a hero with a utility knife; you might land up hurting someone. Worse, you might land up in prison, so please, think before you use it. Nonetheless, this item is a necessity for adventurous travelers. Also, for those who love the outdoors under the cozy starry nights, a Swiss knife could just be around in case a wild animal plans to attack you. Just kidding, don’t go to such places.


  1. Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Must Have Travel Accessories

Let’s face it; the world is a noisy place. This is a good thing but sometimes, there are people who just can’t eat silently or they can’t talk softly. Loud people and their loud eating habits can really be a put-off. Oh, and if you are one of those unfortunates to be traveling with these people, then you, my friend will have a torturous journey. And then, there are those people who hate sounds. Yes, if you are one of those who suffer from the hatred of sounds known as Misophonia, you need to get some noise canceling earplugs and treatment.


Canceling out the unwanted noises around you can really put your mind at ease. Also, you may just want to simply be alone with your thoughts, these earplugs are definitely one of the must have travel accessories.


  1. Flashlight

Must Have Travel Accessories

Always useful, this little thing! Carry it with you wherever you go and make sure you have an extra set of batteries in case of emergencies. Even rechargeable flashlights without batteries work well too. Of course, you have a flashlight in your mobile but what if your mobile charge is low? What if your mobile switches off in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, you don’t want to be caught in that position.


Places you go to may not have sufficient light on the streets or the lights go off at the place you’re staying and you need to have some light. Voila, the flashlight is here to save you. What if you are a person who is scared of the dark or even not, you would definitely need a flashlight. But seriously, if you’re scared of the dark or have a phobia – get treated.


  1. Sunglasses

Must Have Travel Accessories

If you ask me, I would say polarized sunglasses. Save yourself from the sun or from the bright that will come upon you while you travel. Again, as I mentioned before, your must have travel accessories will depend on where you go. So, if your destination is a sunny tropical island or city, you will be keeping the headaches at bay. Too much sunlight in my eyes always gives me a headache. My sunglasses are in my bag all the time, even if I am not going anywhere. I suggest you do the same.


So, protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and look cool at the same time. Protect your eyes from UV rays – duh! You already know this but style and protection go hand-in-hand. You need to see the world; why not add some filter while you’re at it? *Wink . wink*


  1. Disinfecting Wipes

Must Have Travel Accessories

These are a must have for sure. You could be going anywhere, your destination doesn’t matter, what matters is how hygienic you choose to be. Absolutely, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, you name it, you need it. You want to disinfect so that you don’t fall sick while you travel. Imagine, falling ill for 7 days with the stomach flu because you didn’t clean your hands. Bummer, isn’t it?


You could fall sick even if you have food that you’re allergic to or the food was not prepared in hygienic conditions. Be careful where you eat and what you eat. But at least, you will be careful to disinfect your hands before you have your food or after touching something that isn’t too clean.


  1. Lip Balm

Must Have Travel Accessories

Here, the destination matters or sometimes it won’t because lips can get dry at the most unexpected moments. You don’t want to be caught biting your lips while looking at someone who is attracted to you. Big mistake! If this every happens, tell the person what you’re actually suffering from or just ask them where you could find a lip balm. This way you can even talk to him or her and be honest at the same because honesty is the best policy.

Carry a lip balm. Keep your lips moist when most needed. You can avoid cracked lips. Also, the cause of cracked lips could be drinking less water than usual. But this happens when you can’t drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis. Some even refrain from drinking water because there’s no toilet around and traveling with a heavy bladder can make things worse. Still, make it a habit to drink more water, says me, the hypocrite.


  1. Body Cream

Must Have Travel Accessories

Your lips could get chapped, so can your body become dry. Buy a moisturizing cream suited to your skin type and use it every day before going to bed. Pamper your skin while you pamper yourself on a trip that will eventually tire you before going back to your mundane life. So, drink lots of water, apply a good lip balm and apply a good moisturizing cream to your body. Life is good 🙂


  1. Toiletries

Must Have Travel Accessories

You can carry a separate pouch just for your toothbrush, nail cutter, toothpaste, shower cap, earbuds, razor and more. You may wonder why you need a separate bag for these. Well, hygiene is one of them. Also, you don’t want to be letting your toiletries touch other stuff in your bag. Both could get soiled. What if your cream bottle opens up and lays cream all over your toothbrush, you don’t want that!


  1. Eye mask


Must Have Travel Accessories
Because everybody needs baby sleep

Alright, so maybe I should have written this after the sunglasses as one of the must have travel accessories. But since this is the last point, I can bid you goodnight with an eye mask or a sleeping mask as many call it. Oh, an eye mask is definitely supposed to be a part of your list. You don’t want the light even of the night to touch your eyes because you will require bright-free sleep. If you don’t prefer an eye mask then you don’t need this but many do, so I recommend that you don’t forget to add this important item in your bag.


So, last but not the least, please don’t forget to carry your credit or debit cards with you, your cash, your wallet, your mobile, and your house keys. Yes, your house keys, sometimes, we forget the most important elements to go back home from that amazing trip we had.

I hope these 15 must have travel accessories will help you on your next trip. If you have any comments to share or want to add this list, please mention it in the comment section below. Until then – happy journey!

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