Mumbai Rains taught to enjoy life when under house arrest due to the floods. These rains have worked in my favor. Not all the time, not every year but this time, it did. Playing angry birds at home is not really the ideal game app to play all day. You can’t really blame digital apps today for successfully beating away your boredom woes.

The monsoon season always makes me more poetic than I usually am. So, if you read some lines ahead that sound like a dream, be sure to comment about it. The beauty of the rains is surely a sight to watch. I came across a beautiful poem on the Monsoon diaries. A beautiful extension of why the Mumbai rains can captivate a soul.

Mumbai rains and the poet in me

The beauty of mysterious rains
Reign of the Mumbai rains

Crystal clear branches of heavy droplets held each other tight as they dived hard from the dull skies into the rising pool of water. I sat by my window and watched the resentful citizens of Mumbai wade through the waters. A news reporter anchored safely in the water in the middle of the road described a perfectly ruined day. The others walking by were just doing what they did every year in the Mumbai rains, cursed their existence in a country that may never learn a thing or two about upgrading drainage facilities or in this matter, constructing them from scratch.

Disappointed by the fact that another good weekend lost the opportunity to flood Instagram with selfies and stories, I looked up at the sky. The uninvited guest had arrived. Stormy clouds drowned every chance of what could have been a great evening.

I asked myself, what can I do to not regret the Mumbai rains? Making a boat to row in Mumbai’s knee-deep lakes wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It would make a difference instead of having to point fingers at the Government. But until that happens I was bewildered by a question so many of us are not able to find answers to. What should I do at home with all this free time in my hands? So, I came up with a list of things I like to do. Get a hold of these 5 interesting ways to enjoy life at home during the Mumbai rains.

5 interesting ways to enjoy life at home during the Mumbai rains

Mumbai Rains
Watching the Mumbai rains slide by the window

1. Light the stove

Turn on some good old country music or shake your hips to the tunes of Jhinghat, whatever floats your boat in the Mumbai rains. Learning to cook a new dish is a cool behind-the-scenes topic when with family at the table. You learn something new, feel positive with good music and can also look forward to a pleasant evening. I always feel hungry during monsoon and love eating. I am a foodie so I won’t give much credit to the rains.

2. Turn pages

A book is never meant to be sitting cozily in your shelf forever. Dust off that book, do a favor to that novelist and make yourself proud. You’ll enhance your vocabulary and also be entertained by another world of intriguing characters the author so thoughtfully wrote for you. The Mumbai rains showering therapeutic sounds of water droplets on your window proves to be soothing. Reading is fun too.

3. Get into shape

Not exercise but tapping your toes to your favorite beats. Turn it on, make it loud, pump up the base, and make your day count with some positive vibes. Dance to your music just the way you like it and trust me, it’s a day well spent. You will feel re-energized for the coming week. Dancing can really spread goodness around. Grab in some family members too. Dancing together becomes a party. So, shake your hips, put on those crazy expressions and have a great time.

4. Put it in place

This might not be very exciting for many but the organizing stuff at home does make you feel productive. Think about it, the more you clean up around you, the more you de-clutter your mind. Out with the old, in with the new. The part where you have to put stuff back in place can be very boring. You might be tempted to put it off for some other time. So, here’s a suggestion – music. Clean up with some light music playing in the background. I’m a fan of self-generated music therapy. The blues during the Mumbai rains are a good fit. Country music may be, or even those Bollywood hits. Turn them on and start organizing rhythmically. It really helps you skip those stretched seconds of putting stuff where they belong.

5. Be the new you

Work on grooming yourself. Select the suits or dresses from your wardrobe for the next one week. Work on your Monsoon look, if there is any! Do your hair, paint your nails, or pamper yourself with a homemade facial. I guarantee you’ll be glowing from all the light of ‘them’ burning vibes.

Yes, there’s surely more you can do with your time when you’re under natural calamity’s house arrest. Enjoying life and living up to its expectations is what it’s all about. Got any better suggestions to make other than the list above, be sure to drop in a comment. And don’t forget, Mumbai monsoons work in mysterious ways. Keep smiling 🙂


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