Independent India

Independent India subservient once

Looked down upon as runts

Lives to breathe free air

Beneath the sunshine glare


Back then came the British

The patriarch of English

Drowning India in oppression

Slavery and suppression

Independent India


Despotism years after its inception

Cried out for India’s redemption

So emerged the freedom fighters

Of unity igniters


India’s freedom was earned

After several lives were burned

From murders to massacres

Partition to assassinators


Are we different, is the question

Suppression and depression

To money we’re submissive

To the poor we’re dismissive

Independent India


The middle class suffer too

Taxes and cashless lives brew

Amid the scorching heat of stress

Aggravating like an abscess


Ignorant to the cries

Deaf to the why’s

Authority has just one face

Rape and disgrace


Independent India still cries out

When will corruption checkout?

It has had a long-awaited stay

In our lands even today


Let us breathe once more

On cleaner sandy shore

Where corruption has no place

And double-dealing has no face

Independent India


Independent India must live free

Climb the knowledgeable tree

Away from the scandals of divide

And the carelessness of pride


Where LGBT will not only survive

But sustain self-belief and thrive

Where everyone is equal

And none anti-racial


We must promise to live independent

Grow splendid and resplendent

India is here to stay, to all

Happy Independence Day

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