I don't miss you

I don’t miss you

Though this is true

Forgetting your smile

Took me a while


I don’t miss your hugs

Like addictive drugs

I’ll look away from you

So I don’t fall through


I don’t miss writing to you

It’s what I loved to do

The passion I could feel

For me was a big deal


I don’t miss looking your way

No, not today

Your love intentional

So two-dimensional


I don’t miss you grabbing me

Going weak in each knee

The tight embrace you had

Making me ecstatically mad


I don’t miss your perfect kiss

That unfolded me in bliss

To the comfort of your charms

The exert in your arms


I don’t miss your voice

Your laughter and rejoice

When you said my name

Things would never be the same


I don’t miss your thought

Daily by the lot

Forgetting you completely

Was what I did discreetly


When onto me you couldn’t hold

Love never was so cold

So I shan’t miss you now

Your thoughts I won’t allow

I don't miss you
I don’t miss you even though you leave me abandoned amid the strong harsh waves.

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