Six Different ways Hindi Drama Shows Improve the Quality of Life

Hindi Drama shows and the guesstimates about it

  • Every Hindi drama show has at a time only one dialogue delivered
  • Every expression must be absorbed and therefore, an expression is shown three times at once
  • Walk slowly and wide-eyed toward the person spoken to
  • Wait to exchange another set of expressions
  • Utter another dialogue
  • End of today’s episode

That’s the way a conversation happens in Hindi serials. How else is anybody supposed to guess this pattern that runs the same across every drama show?

But there’s always a silver lining though. Hindi drama shows aren’t all that bad.

Here are six ways Hindi drama shows can improve your quality of life


  1. Waiting a few seconds after uttering each line will teach you to breathe.Taking deep breaths has done nothing but improve lung function. All smokers out there, you need to watch Hindi drama shows. Nicotine patches come with a price but Hindi serials don’t. Conditions apply! Safety from withdrawal symptoms cannot be guaranteed.


Hindi Drama Shows


  1. Walking slowly improves your physical balance. Walking slowly toward a person has benefits of its own. You can walk to test your symmetrical balance with or without a book on your head. That’s how all fights are resolved. Simply walk slowly to the opponent without saying a word; everyone gets bored and walks away.


Hindi Drama Shows


Not bad for those of you who love getting drunk! All the drunkards out there need to practice walking in a straight line and slowly. This will help you outsmart the traffic police.


  1. Running slowly helps you wade through torrential rains. Not any number of umbrellas, raincoats or gumboots will give you the kind of service Hindi drama shows offer. Sub-standard service by the BMC is not welcome anymore. What you need is a solution for the heavy monsoons and you’ve got one right here. BMC! Are you listening? Running in slow motion in the floods will help you run across with style and finesse.

Hindi Drama Shows


Remember, you have what it takes to face the Monsoon floods. While you wade slowly through the dirtiest waters of all, nothing can stop you from reaching home. Bring on more floods because they could never be stopped before. Aren’t you glad that you have Hindi dramas shows to thank?


  1. Staring at expressions teach you empathy. All the anger management centers can learn from this new technique. There is no need to teach people how to calm down. Hindi serials have a way of evaporating boiled blood by teaching you about extreme patience. It’s how you wait for the dialogue to come out from the mouth of each character in the serial that teaches you the art of giving up on high expectations. Blame the slowness of every scene.

Hindi Drama Shows


This has also proven to be beneficial for patients with high blood pressure problems. Those who suffer from hyperventilation just need to learn to breathe.


  1. The mantras sung in the background will cleanse your mind. Dirty-minded people, please take note. Out with the lusty minds, in with the gusty winds. That’s what it feels like when mantras play loud in the background.

Chanting mantras are a form of meditation and Hindi serials have found a way to cleanse the minds of their serial citizens.

Hindi Drama Shows

As a result of constant waiting for the next dialogue, there have been several cases of anxiety attacks. The background music with chanting mantras have soothed nerves like never before.

A warning to medical health practices, you may run out of business as a result of fewer patients by the day.


  1. Background music helps shut out everybody’s nonsense. Due to the volume of background music exceeding the volume of dialogues, serial citizens have come out of depression. Now, they can hear nobody but background music. The dialogues that are said after every mundane expression cannot be heard anymore.

Hindi Drama Shows

All the hearing aid companies or ear specialists need not think they are into any profit here. This is only the Hindi serial’s way of making people realize that all they need to do is give a rat’s butt about what other people say. This spreads eternal bliss without weed.


Hindi drama shows – too much drama


Hindi Drama Shows


They use outdated suspense in their stories and each character shows the same shocked expression. Also, the storyline is the same. It is one thing to cater to an audience and it’s another to bore the audience to death?


Will the style of Hindi drama shows ever change? The same slow motion old and rusted suspense and the same shocked expression in every character’s face. It’s a good thing they never played for world cup cricket. Forget bagging a century, with the speed of Hindi drama shows, India would have never scored a single run. Nevertheless, you’ve got to seriously count your options if these shows are your only choice for the day. They can really test your patience.


Basically, Hindi drama shows are novels depicted word to word. Scripts are usually written in such a way so as to depict the feelings of each character. Here, however, the feeling of each character is as lengthily depicted as the paragraph in the novel. That’s how slow a scene is in these serials. Do you feel the same? Are you a serial citizen too?


All Hindi drama shows plot the same sequence

Hindi Drama Shows

You would surely know how this relates, especially if you are sick and tired of it. Hindi drama shows start differently. Sometimes, they are depicted uniquely. Let’s start with an example of how it all begins to only end with the same masala.

Her eyes widened after her husband said the most obviously shocking dialogue. Drums rolled out and fierce men started singing scary mantras in the background. Every silent face in the house wished to speak but stared into oblivion instead.

Another word from the man of the house, another remark that made the birds of the sky choke, another word that ruined the family name. His mother fell with a thump to the floor. Her ears couldn’t believe the words of her prodigal son. There was lightening without rain in this leakage-proof mansion of a house.

Hindi Drama Shows 

Her three other sons and daughter-in-laws stood for their cues with mouths open in Oreo shapes and eyes spread wide open. They stood in their Sheldon spots like the pillars of a fallen nation, until they all finally ran with anchors tied to their feet. They were born with the DNA of running slower than snail speed.

Days passed by and a time had come when justice finally had to prevail. Every word spoken, every stare and every walk had the same style with a touch of suspense. Would the husband come to his senses? Should the wife win her case? Has his mother recovered from the fall? Will her sons and daughters-in-law finally receive tongues to speak and start running like normal people? Don’t miss the next episode! So, Same show – same time – same scenes – same stuff – same channel.

The moral of all Hindi drama shows

They never run out of ideas, which is a good thing but their style of presenting the story is always the same. A new story, a new plot, new faces, and new lines; yet we all know the end. There’s always a wedding, a court case, and life-threatening situations in all Hindi drama shows. It’s almost like you know what’s going to happen next.

Hindi Drama Shows

How time flies from being a teenager to an adult, watching the same serials time and again. It never ends and never will. So, the moral of all Hindi drama shows that there’s a one-track mind sitting behind the camera. Should I blame the scriptwriter or the producer?


It is how every serial rolls.

I wonder why there are so many who are cynical about Hindi drama shows. How can they possibly not witness this revolutionary change brought about for serial citizens? In fact, the secret to a happy life are these humble stories that make us cringe.


On a less sarcastic and more diplomatic note

I hope Hindi drama shows continue to prevail in society. They really do bring out the true reality of life but only in a more dramatic and unrealistic way. Not to mention, the background music that doesn’t exist in our lives. The dramas in life, sad or loud, happen without music.


Hindi drama shows will not always make you happy. However, your vocal cords will improve in health when you scream for logic. If it’s what generates an earning for many and entertain us at the same time, then why fear its existence? To all those serial citizens out there – live, laugh, love. Peace out!




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