Faded Memories Still Alive

faded memories

faded memories

Face memories are alive

within us like a hive

like bees and honey

they buzz to set us free

What are faded memories?

The words we said

The moods that bled

When times were slow

For love to glow

faded memories
Confused moments

Made no sense

But overthinking was a crime

So we did all in our time
faded memories
The roads we walked

The times we talked

Places we went

Times we spent
faded memories
The food we ate

With friendly debate

The things we spoke

And laughter evoke
faded memories

When two became one

T’was friendship with only fun

And all the beauty in a sweet

Nothing better than a treat
faded memories

when colours splashed

And ego clashed

Between jealous darkness

And sprouting gladness
faded memories

Those times will run

Another time, another sun

Because history repeats

So do memories, so do meets

Live when you can because life is like a hot frying pan. You don’t know when it’s going to turn on the heat. Collect the memories but don’t miss those moments. They are gone for new ones to come. Let these memories be part of your perfect success ingredients. Don’t get attached. Just be happy that you had the opportunity of living them. Faded memories should always be alive within you.

Drop your comments in the section below. You must have some beautiful memories. What will you do to relive them?

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