Digital apps today are at fault or are they? We blame digital trends for disconnecting us from one another, breaking friendships, and other important relations. Not to mention, the perpetual destruction of reputation.

Blaming Digital Apps Today

Are We Missing The Speck In Our Own Eye?

Someone very close to me pointed out that the digital age has failed to bring people closer or connect people. The accused – Messenger apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and hangout that have been designed to connect people, has in fact been charged with doing the very opposite. Are we sure though that we are not failing to notice the spec in our own eyes? Is this is really the cause of technology that brings us apart from each other? Are we just trying to find a reason for not being able to understand one another?

The younger generation always gets blamed by the older generation for reasons which stand at their positions today. Are we doing the same here? Are blaming it for our inability to hold on to one another?

You can bring the horse to the lake but not make it drink the water. What the apps do today is exactly this! It helps or is a platform that connects us to one another, giving us a truckload of opportunities to get in touch with those we wish to talk to or meet up. The result of it all, the part where we bond or not, make or break is up to us. So why blame the digital age?

The consequences of living with digital apps today- Emoticons

Emojis in digital apps today
An infinity of human and digital app connection

I see how the internet has oxymoroned us into a world of distant bonding. While we use digital apps today, emoticons or emojis were created to eliminate this problem. Emoticons, expressions that help us put our best face forward. We use teary-eyed laughing emojis when we receive a forwarded joke on frustrated husbands hypocritically complaining about their wives. When a news post about a horrific incident is forwarded, we reply with a red-faced furious emoji.

We’ve learned to express ourselves the way Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat or the likes would prefer. It’s fun too. It has helped us do something that we often find difficult doing – expressing ourselves. Gain an insight into the space you need to connect with life. The view outside is an amazing place to be too.

We’ve been led into digital trends 

The makers behind digital apps today have figured out engaging ways to entertain their users. Sometimes with colourful hats or sporting sunglasses in 24-hour stories. Your friends would be posting places they’ve visited along with status updates, crazy selfies, and one-with-nature photos. Next, you find these very digital trends inspiring you to take out that dusty backpack.

So, everyone gets to know where you’ve traveled. Your friends would be inspired or jealous to do what you do. Digital trends encourage us to get out there too, well indirectly. The benefits of traveling have its way of showing you how digital inspires, find out the 5 reasons why you should travel.

It’s not about the ways of the digital generation, but about the yesterday, today and tomorrow of human nature. We will continue to remain the same no matter the means of communication.

What has changed because of digital apps today?

  1. The way we communicate through digital apps today

    Yes, that’s definitely changed. We believe in moving with the times. Like I mentioned before, chatting apps have redefined our methods of communication. We express digitally accurate faces much better than we can naturally.

  2. Our patience level in this digital age

    It is possible that our FOMO has led us to LOL every possible conversation. Even though we believe YOLO, we still feel it’s important to BRB to stay in touch but not in person.

  3. Shorthand in this digital age

    Ders no time for typing each n every syllable. All v hv r words to communicate when it cums to chatting. Bt y even try?

What have digital apps today not been able to change in this time and age?

  1. Our will to live in this digital age

    We still want to live life to the fullest. We still look for ways to meet up with friends or fulfil obligations to relatives, family and ceremonies. We meet up after chatting, calling or messaging. Digital apps today have not changed this habit.

  2. Our unwilling attitude in this digital age

    Attitude, ego, anger, our unforgiving nature! We can’t let go of these strong emotions, no matter the generation. Wars happened back then, wars happen today. We don’t want to calm disputes, we want to disconnect with the world. We don’t want to make the effort because we have defined our priorities. Priorities come from the heart and then the mind takes over. So, our unwilling nature is also a priority but we blame it on the digital apps today.

  3. Our willingness to hate in this digital age

    We wait for the perfect opportunity to judge one another. He didn’t call back, she didn’t reply to my message; they didn’t turn up even though they promised they would. These instances or situations would happen in the past too when smartphones and the internet didn’t exist. Misunderstandings, grudges, murders, taunting, feuds, sadness, laughter, joy, love! These were still prevalent when phones or electricity did not yet germinate in the minds of inventors.

  4. Keeping tabs on each other through digital apps today

    And this has only become easier with status updates. We’ve come a long way from hiring unprofessional spies to doing it ourselves. Having lunch with – a friend of a mutual friend. Tagging the place and friend is how things work these days. We haven’t stopped showing off our adventurous escapades or ratting out our travel diaries to the world. We’re flooded with comments albeit expert and meaningless opinions. This is a trend our older generation would do by simply wagging their tongues.

Playing the blame game with digital apps today?

Are we oblivious to the blame game? Are we part of it or victims of it? At work, we may blame one another or may be accused of doing something we didn’t do. Are those who perpetrate accusations or possess the nature to judge are extending this nature with digital apps today?

I hope one day, we understand ourselves better than we can judge others or their developments. We are amused by technology and threatened by it at the same time. We are humans, a mixture of good and bad alike but with the choice of acting on either one or both. If we prefer arguing on the phone and not in person then how is it the phone’s fault? If we prefer accusing one another on Whatsapp, how is it the fault of Whatsapp? If we kill the messenger then we are destroying our means of communication. But maybe in our case, it won’t be so bad since we so easily misunderstand each other. Better we do away with things that cause us to kill each other.

Then yes, maybe helping everyone connect is not a good thing because we certainly cannot live with each other under one digital roof. We’ve clearly passed on that sentiment of hating each other for better or for worse down the generations. Digital is blamed for the crimes of stalkers or rapists or serial killers. When digital applications did not exist, who was to blame? Let me guess, the victim? This is still the case today.

Digital apps today
Various digital apps today that take full space in our lives

Responsibility with digital apps today

Taking precautionary steps is what I would agree with when it comes to your safety. Do not update each and everything you do. Going out, home alone (especially not this one), shopping, lunch at a restaurant, at the movie theatre or even going on a trip. These are good things to update your status with but don’t be ignorant to the fact that we live in a world not devoid of danger. Read the fine print that stalkers, rapists, serial killers or enemies in the guise of friends read about you. The responsibility for your safety also lies in your hands. However, when the victim is raped or killed, the victim is not to be blamed but neither is the app or for that matter the digital age.

Instead of persecuting the criminal, we persecute the medium in which the crime took place. Forget the medium, we even go so low as to blame the victim. It’s like punishing the house where the murder took place instead of relieving the victim and punishing the killer. Do we really not understand or are we so quick to judge rather than sit back and analyze rationally?

Digital Or No Digital, Consequences Are Inevitable

We’re still the same humans that we were centuries ago. We want to blame our misery on the next thing that we so voraciously use. In this time and date, it happens to be the digital world of androids and iPhones. Our methods of repeating history have merely changed and this will continue to happen even tomorrow. Digital apps today are not to blame.

Digital apps today have become a huge part of our lives. Let us use them wisely and appreciate their invention.



What is your opinion about digital apps today? Are they to blame or do we just want a reason to cover up our lack of connecting with humanity? Do share your opinion in the comment section below.

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