Digital Apps Today – Are We Missing The Speck In Our Own Eye?

Digital apps today are at fault or are they? We blame digital trends for disconnecting us from one another, breaking friendships, and other important relations. Not to mention, the perpetual destruction of reputation. Blaming Digital Apps Today Are We Missing The Speck In Our Own Eye? Someone very close to me pointed out that the digital age has failed to bring people closer or connect people. The accused - Messenger apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and hangout that have been designed ...

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MUMBAI RAINS WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS How the monsoons taught me to enjoy at home

Mumbai Rains taught to enjoy life when under house arrest due to the floods. These rains have worked in my favor. Not all the time, not every year but this time, it did. Playing angry birds at home is not really the ideal game app to play all day. You can't really blame digital apps today for successfully beating away your boredom woes.The monsoon season always makes me more poetic than I usually am. So, if you read some lines ahead that sound like a dream, be sure to comment about it. The ...

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reading books

Reading books – The Era of Darkness and more

Reading books is a delight for writers such as I. There can be no ultimate joy for those of us who believe in the power of words. The pen is a warrior that fights for the word of thought flowing onto paper. Reading books are just the epitome of gladness that no one can surpass. Let me take you through the brief journey of my love for reading books.I am currently reading Shashi Tharoor's The Era of Darkness. You might, therefore, find both my liking for books and the author himself coincide ...

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5 Reasons why Quality is never  Perfecto!

5 Reasons why Quality is never Perfecto!

We can't think of a better way to say this! Perfection comes to those who work qualitatively. Here are our top 5 reasons why clients don't understand this divine revelation. 1. They expect a YES all the time 2. They get a YES all the time 3. They can't take NO for an answer... Ever! 4. Impatience?..?? 5. They don't know shit about quality.The client is always right... ?

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6 types of fake friends


Fake friends are everywhere. Can friendship be taken lightly? Is it only about fun and laughter? Is it about a serious relationship that demands respect, understanding and most importantly, being there for each other?Sometimes a friendship expects nothing but sometimes it should. Saying you're sorry or being thankful to a friend can go a long way. I don't think it is wise to let a friend force you into thinking that they can take you for granted. Friendship is just as important as a ...

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