Walking the Streets Alone

Walking the streets alone Walking the streets of hell Where the wind ceased to blow And the clocks ticked louder Where heat burned your skin And the cold pierced your bones Walking the streets alone You walked along darker paths Trying to seek your light A light lost to misfortune But the end of the Continue Reading

Independent India

Independent India subservient once Looked down upon as runts Lives to breathe free air Beneath the sunshine glare   Back then came the British The patriarch of English Drowning India in oppression Slavery and suppression   Despotism years after its inception Cried out for India’s redemption So emerged the freedom fighters Of unity igniters   Continue Reading

Keep your eye on the ball

Distractions are a state of mind Insecurities are a state of disillusionment Leave em all behind! Your goals go beyond Their rudeness Their unfairness Their bitchiness Their pettiness Grow above The harsh words The genuine corrections The authentic honesties And move towards Your dreams  Your love Your life Your wishes Your laughter Your smile Your Continue Reading