5 reasons why you should travel

“To sit and sulk is to err, to travel is to therapy.” – Gangstars

Do something, do anything. Travel, walk around, run around, the world is indeed your oyster of exploration. Why is it so important to travel? We’ve got 5 reasons and we want to share them with you. These reasons are based on the pure ecstatic experience of traveling and nothing else. No research has been conducted or no insights have been gathered to further prove what we want to say because honestly, proof is not required, simply experience is!

So, here are the 5 reasons why you should travel.

  1. Some of us just want to escape – And escape you shall! Because escaping is not a bad thing. If you’re searching for a way to run away from life’s temporary hiccups then hitting the road is your best bet. Just carry minimal stuff – money, basically. And rush out the house so you can escape mundane and enter into the outdoors. When you get back to reality, you’ll be glad that this was your escape because beer and binge can only get you so far but traveling can give your mind the freshness to think new. … ps – We still love beer.
  2. Some of us need to cheer up – Be it the dawn of day or the breezy twilight, traveling will simply make you smile from within. What’s more relaxing than that brief walk in the world we so often neglect due to our responsibilities and priorities? We’ve all been through the occasional mp3 and travel mode. It’s the best therapy that will take you into another world. Wear your sports shoes, plug in your favourite song and free your mind – go, cheer yourself up!
  3. When your mind is fresh, your body is too – When you get back home after a rejuvenating time out, you feel fresh and eager to complete work where you left off. You are able to manage household work better. You will feel rejuvenated to get stuff done. What’s more? You’ll even remember what you forgot to do! For those who work at home, the activity of traveling proves to be beneficial as the essence of a fresh mind shows in your work and your ability to think effectively.
  4. The perfect decision maker – Traveling helps you gain clarity on things. Coz if you can’t talk to yourself, you really aren’t gaining expert advice. While you travel, you’ve obviously been talking to yourself. You’ve been segregating your thoughts, analyzing important pent-up memories that need to be cleared up. But as you look at the world around, you quickly start to notice things around but as your mind is distracted by what’s going on around, your mind is also gaining a fresh perspective with your thoughts, with your distractions and with your ability to make decisions.
  5. A good night’s sleep – Up next – sound sleep! As we’ve mentioned above, a fresh mind is followed by sound sleep. Yes, you feel fresh but after a few hours imagine yourself falling off to sleep with a positive mind. That’s what’s going to happen. While some can sleep without batting an eye, there are some who can only bat their eyelids and never fall asleep. But when you travel, you not only positively exhaust yourself, you utilize energy effectively. So, at night, your bed won’t know what hit it!

Now that you’ve got these 5 reasons, let nothing stop you. Pack yourself into your best comfy clothes. Be the stylish you that you are, get some cash, coz you’ve got to have some with you..duh. Wear your finest attitude and walk out the door. You’ll be happy you traveled.

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