Give me a break!

Ever seen a fish swim and never stop?
Ever seen a man run until he drop?
Ever seen an unending spinning wheel?
Ever kept spinning and never felt dizzy?
If there’s a stop to everything
Then why keep going on thinking that you can?
Take a break they say
Because breaks are important
And rightly so when you want to feel
The glow of life

Like the beauty of nature
Or the clear blue skies
Life is a gift
Always be surprised
Always feel loved
Always take a break
Because even machines blow a circuit
When it gets too heated up!
May be we all can’t always live life to the fullest
But we sure as hell can take a break
How do you freshen up once in while?


  • comment-avatar
    never_stop_exploring January 29, 2018 (7:55 am)

    I need break from the “Break” itself… ?
    Great read… ?

  • comment-avatar
    yuyutsa1306 February 1, 2018 (11:26 pm)

    Cool. Everyone needs breaks even me.?

    • comment-avatar
      Gangstars February 2, 2018 (7:52 am)

      Absolutely Yuyutsa, ? breaks are really important to help you stay energized for whatever you have to do next.