Travel checklist for toddlers

Travel Checklist When Travelling with Toddlers

Without further ado, here’s the travel checklist for toddlers you will need when travelling with your 2-to-3-year-old. The best way to remember a checklist, if not in order, is by pairing up the checks in the list. Travel checklist for toddlersDiaper bag & Diapers Wipes (dry and wet) & antiseptic healing cream Blankets & baby clothing Plastic disposable bags & disinfecting hand gel Toddler toiletries & breastfeeding clothes Toys & books Sippy cup & ...

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Must Have Travel Accessories

15 Must Have Travel Accessories You Should Always Carry For Your Trip

Must have travel accessories should be your top priority list when you are going to travel. This is because you are about to embark on a journey that will stay with you forever. You are going to travel to your destination and you want it to be free of glitches or the woes of forgetting to carry an important item with you.However, some don't know what to carry along with them. Here's where this list will help you travel worry-free.You could be a pro at packing or one of those who are ...

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Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy but why? Breaking the myth

Will honesty reward you and the truth set you free? Honesty is the best policy – I tried to make a catchy title along with an interesting introduction. Is this attitude going to get you to read all of this to the end? Then I better be super honest right now. Truth to set me free – I shoplifted as a kid. *Seeing myself going to prison*. Also, I don’t think my title is catchy enough. Can you suggest a better one for me? Put your title caption for my article in the comments section. Let me ...

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Specific Phobia


I have a specific phobia of; I can’t take its name. What if it comes near me? What if I attract its vibes towards me? A specific phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that will scare the bejesus out of you. So, Anxiety sucks, especially if you’ve got it chasing you aggressively and controlling your mind.I don’t know how many legs it has or hands. I don’t want to know, ever! Many times, it has walked past me or even spread its wings to take flight. And damned it when it flew; I had no ...

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Parents Love Unconditionally

Parents Love Unconditionally. So should you!

Love for your parents should be unconditional because parents love unconditionally. They have put your needs before their own. You’ve watched them put the bigger fried fish in your plate while they’ve taken the smaller one. They’ve left priority work at the hands of their angry bosses when you needed to be picked up sick from school. Whenever they’ve felt like giving up, they’ve not because they’ve wanted you to lean on their reliable shoulders. They have stayed up late; waiting for ...

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Hindi Drama Shows

Six Different ways Hindi Drama Shows Improve the Quality of Life

Hindi Drama shows and the guesstimates about itEvery Hindi drama show has at a time only one dialogue delivered Every expression must be absorbed and therefore, an expression is shown three times at once Walk slowly and wide-eyed toward the person spoken to Wait to exchange another set of expressions Utter another dialogue End of today’s episodeThat's the way a conversation happens in Hindi serials. How else is anybody supposed to guess this pattern that runs the same ...

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Hatred of Sounds Disorder Misophonia

The hatred of sounds disorder Misophonia is a strong reaction to specific sounds. Including me, this disorder is found in a group of people. Did you know anything about the phobia of sounds? There are a handful of people who experience torturous waves of agony when they hear certain specific types of sounds. A name has been given to it, therefore, this makes it easier to understand.So, at least, I know what I’m going through. Yes, it’s a disorder, a disorder that finally defines the ...

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Night filled with unexpected turns while driving in Mumbai

Blind Psychos Driving in Mumbai

Driving in Mumbai is very difficult. People who drive on the streets of Mumbai have to be out of their mind. This is the only way they can drive with confidence. They have to be like blind psychos. There is no other way. If you are a Mumbaikar, you will know what I mean. If not, sit back and read to the end. You should be warned. Things could get ugly. Why I almost suffer minor strokes while driving in Mumbai?My heart is still pounding. It’s beating while skipping a few beats here and ...

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Travelling with friends

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Travelling With Friends

Travelling with friends is fun and I’ve got 5 reasons why you should do it more often. Some of the best moments and memories are created when travelling with friends. It’s a plan you look forward to and fondly start packing your bag. It’s a time when you get away from the world and just be with like-minded hysterical buddies. So, I stayed up all night thinking about the next day. I am not a morning person but that trek with my friends is what kept me awake at night. I didn’t even ...

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Let us take a walk on the Mumbai streets or do you dare? Fourteen types of walkers

Why do the Mumbai streets boil my blood? Today, I am going to talk about how people walk on the Mumbai streets. I really want to kick the person who walks in front of me. Why? Because sometimes, you just can't dodge a walker in Mumbai. My blood is done boiling and has evaporated from the sheer sense of giving up. Neck and shoulder? Aching with the rocking twists I just pulled several times. Feet? Tired of playing kabaddi on the Mumbai streets.  I found 14 types of Mumbai walkers So, ...

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